Potential clients almost always ask us about guarantees. This question is understandable because people trust us with their money and future. Obtaining a residence permit is a complicated process, and success depends on many factors. That is why we put a lot of effort into a positive result

We do not give a 100% guarantee that you will get a residence permit, but we are responsible for your money. Therefore, we guarantee a refund in the case of refusal

Why you shouldn't worry about the process

Before we start the work, we make a transparent contract in which we spell out the terms, cost, result, and our obligations in the case of refusal of residence permit by the migration service

After you sign the contract, you will have access to your personal account with reports on how the work on your case is progressing. These reports contain all the latest information on the documents that are needed

Our specialists will help you compile a full package of documents (including letter and business documents writing). All packages are checked by a lawyer before submission - this minimizes the risk of refusal


  • Went to live and work abroad
  • The rest got their money back




Why is relocation with Hello Move beneficial?

Practice shows that moving with our help is cheaper and faster than moving on your own. Studying the issue on your own is long and nerve-racking. And going to a migration lawyer ends up being more expensive than moving "turnkey"